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Contour Medical

Contour Medical is the premier clinic for non-invasive cosmetic medicine in Gilbert, Arizona.

Always a leader in maintaining cutting-edge procedures and technology, Contour Medical provides a higher standard in patient satisfaction, clinical results and, most importantly, safety.

Contour Medical is the leader in the area of non-surgical body contouring. Feel good and look good, naturally!

How it Works

Vanquish Fat Removal is done on site at Contour Medical, in Gilbert, AZ.

No anesthesia, needles or incisions are required. During the treatment the Vanquish device is applied to the target area (the fat that we want to get rid of), and the unwanted fat is destroyed.

The skin and surrounding healthy tissues are protected while the fat is treated.

Over the next 2-4 months, the body is cleansing the dead fat cells. As this natural process progresses, you will see the unwanted fat shrink away, leaving a more lean and defined contour to your body.

Why Vanquish Fat Removal

-Non-invasive and no recovery- more natural

-No needles, cutting or scars

-Lasting results- the fat cells are gone

-Target your trouble spot(s)- the fat that just won’t go away

Before and After Vanquish Fat Removal

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